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Latest news and developments from Wellbeing Erewash

Dates for the next Erewash Time Swap sessions have been announced – offering current members and people who wish to sign up the chance to get together and find out more about what is happening in their Time Swap community.

Erewash Time Swap allows people to offer their time and skills - such as home DIY and garden maintenance - and receive time back from other people with different skills in return.

The next get-together sessions take place on Monday 22 January, 11am to 12 noon, at Ilkeston Library, and on Thursday 25 January, 1pm to 2pm, at Long Eaton Library.

More details of the meetings on the flyer.

docxJanuary meetings

Wellbeing Erewash has developed a number of exciting and innovative projects over the years and now those who have championed this work are busy putting together plans for its longer-term sustainability.

The right information at the right time can make a huge difference to someone affected by dementia. It can help you to understand dementia better, make important decisions or know which way to turn next.

A series of publications and resources produced by the Alzheimer's Society cover a wide range of topics to provide advice and support whatever your personal situation. The publications are reviewed by experts and people affected by dementia.

GP practices across Erewash have been providing additional training to their reception staff in order to help patients access the right care from the right professional at the first time of asking. The staff have been trained in a process of ‘care navigation’ which is set to be rolled out across practices from Tuesday 5 December 2017. 

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You can find out all about the latest developments of Wellbeing Erewash in our November 2017 newsletter. This issue contains stories on the On Day Service, Erewash Time Swap, and our social media channels, among others.

pdfNovember 2017 newsletter

Dr Duncan Gooch, Erewash GP and clinical sponsor for Wellbeing Erewash has taken part in a series of videos designed to portray what it is like being a GP in a NHS England 'vanguard'. The videos have been produced to support GPs to learn more about the new models of care being developed by the NHS.

Wellbeing Erewash care co-ordinator Lisa Gardner spent Monday 16 October having her working life documented on Twitter to help inform people about her pivotal role in the health and care system. Lisa is one of several care co-ordinators based in Ilkeston and Long Eaton helping make the links between services for the public and patients. You can read a selection of highlights of the tweets and comments that were made during the day following 'a life in the day of' Lisa on Storify.


A new video, produced as part of our Transforming Erewash event, is now live on our Vimeo channel and also shown below. It features a series of short interviews with various colleagues all involved in helping improve people's health and wellbeing in Erewash. They reflect on their work and look at the impact that this initiative is now having. 

A public and patients' participation event is being staged by Erewash Voluntary Action on Monday 30 October to further improve community involvement in Wellbeing Erewash. The event, being held from 1.30pm to 4pm, will help raise awareness of the projects being developed by Wellbeing Erewash and encourage greater links between the individual projects. For further information and to register to attend, please see the flyer below.

pdfWellbeing Erewash Participation Event

Our Wellbeing Erewash Twitter account will focus on the 'life in a day of a care co-ordinator' on Monday 16 October. We will be following the pivotal role carried out by care co-ordinator Lisa Gardner in helping organise care for the people and patients of Erewash. You can follow all the updates using the hashtag #WEcare.

A new online photo album has been created for Wellbeing Erewash bringing together a range of images that have been taken over the past year. We will continue to update the Flickr site with more photography from meetings and events in coming months.

A new Vimeo channel has been set up to host the videos produced as part of the Wellbeing Erewash programme. A new video filmed at our recent Transforming Erewash event is due to go live on Vimeo in the next few days.

Q&As with Paul Tilson, managing director clinical services for Derbyshire Health United which runs the acute home visiting service for Wellbeing Erewash. We ask Paul about how the service helps local people and any improvements he would like to see.

Julie Wagstaff is the lead public and patient representative on Wellbeing Erewash. A teacher by profession, Julie, now in her early 80s, plays a vital role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of local people in the vanguard is driven by the needs and aspirations of local people. Julie is originally from south Wales but moved to the East Midlands a few decades ago with her husband. She has taught at schools in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire both in permanent roles and as a supply teacher. Julie, who now lives in Long Eaton, has contributed to the success of Wellbeing Erewash in many ways, including attending meetings and taking the lead patient and public engagement role on specific initiatives such as community connectors and the alcohol and women aged over 45 project. She has spoken to a national audience at the annual NHS Expo exhibition and provided her views to healthcare experts Professor Don Berwick and Chris Ham from the King’s Fund during their visit this summer to Long Eaton Health Centre.

Here, in our latest blog post, Julie provides her thoughts on developing a truly public and patient- centred NHS and the ways in which local communities can best work together to help themselves.

You can find out all about the latest developments of Wellbeing Erewash in our October 2017 newsletter. This issue contains stories on Brilliant Erewash, the Home Visiting Service, and a project tackling excessive alcohol drinking, among others.

pdfOctober 2017 newsletter

A new leaflet has been produced which helps explain how the On Day Service works and its potential benefits to patients. The leaflet will be distributed across health services in the Erewash area helping raise awareness of the On Day Service.

The On Day Service runs in the Ilkeston and Long Eaton areas to improve access to primary care. Patients who call their GP for an appointment may be directed on that same day to the On Day Service where they will be seen by a GP or advanced nurse practitioner as appropriate.

pdfOn Day Service leaflet

Twiddle muffs

Erewash Time Swap is appealing for donations of wool to help their members knit fun activity comforters for people living with dementia.

A group of Time Swappers have been busy producing ‘twiddle muffs’ – knitted woollen double-thickness hand muffs with bits and bobs attached inside and out. They are used as a stimulation activity for restless hands for patients living with dementia. Many patients with Alzheimer’s, arthritis and dementia have found them to be comforting and therapeutic, helping encourage movement and brain stimulation.

Meet Erewash Voluntary Action development
 worker Jo Hallam who is leading the way on setting up community connectors across our area. The connectors form a vital part of our link-up with the voluntary sector to forge closer relationships with local people.

Community connectors are local people who will use their local knowledge and involvement to connect people across the area to other local people, services, activities and groups. The programme recognises the fact that local people living and working in Erewash know the community better than statutory services do, and are often the best people to help others.

Steph Elkins, Lead Care Co-ordinator, Derbyshire Community Health Services, takes the hotseat to provide questions and answers on the service provided by the care co-ordinators.

What service do you provide?

“The care co-ordinators’ service covers the whole of Erewash. There’s a care co-ordinator appointed to every GP practice looking after all patients over the age of 18. We will be called in for many reasons - it may be to prevent a hospital admission, the patient may be struggling to manage at home, they may have hit crisis and need help. It’s a holistic approach to care; the GPs cover the medical side of things but as administrators we are there to put everything else in place.

Volunteers are being sought to help signpost people to local services and help build social networks in local communities.

Community connectors are volunteers who will use their local knowledge and involvement to connect people across the area to other local people, services, activities and groups. The programme recognises the fact that local people living and working in Erewash are likely to know the community better than statutory services do, and are often the best people to help.

The on day service is increasing same day access for patients and freeing up time for the GP practices to better meet the needs of their patients with complex and long-term conditions. As part of the on day service ‘offer’ a clinical pharmacist, also known as the ‘patient facing pharmacist’, is linking in with colleagues to help provide a more comprehensive primary care service.

Clinical pharmacist Jason Punyer explains more about his role and where he sees opportunities to develop: “What we’re focusing on in Erewash is the on day service model and this is a service provided by a GP, advanced nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, mental health worker, and the clinical pharmacist.

You can find out all about the latest developments of Wellbeing Erewash in our July 2017 newsletter. This issue contains stories on care co-ordinators, the clinical pharmacist on day service, Brilliant Erewash, and the role of the voluntary and community sector, among others.

pdfJuly 2017 newsletter

Stella Scott, chief executive officer of Erewash Voluntary Action based at the Granville Centre in Long Eaton, has worked in the voluntary and community sector for many years and is playing an instrumental role in the Wellbeing Erewash projects that link in with this sector. Here, Stella tells us all about the opportunities being presented by this new way of working...

“Wellbeing Erewash has been amazing. We’ve been able to raise the profile of the voluntary and community sector so it’s not just seen as a worthy cause but as something ‘professional’ tackling key issues. I might be really sad about this but I even enjoy the meetings we attend. It feels like we’re valued and being listened to. 

Students and staff from Wilsthorpe Community School in Long Eaton are the stars of a new video promoting the Brilliant Erewash programme within Wellbeing Erewash.

The video was given its ‘world premiere’ at the town’s health centre during a visit from global healthcare expert Don Berwick. It helped convey the huge impact that the initiative is making in boosting the confidence and positivity of our young people.

Brilliant Erewash is an ‘Art of Brilliance’ programme co-commissioned by public health and Wellbeing Erewash to work with all year seven pupils across our six secondary schools. The Art of Brilliance is a nationally-recognised programme supporting young people to develop resilience in themselves and others.

A key partner in our personal and community resilience work is Erewash Voluntary Action - a vital resource for the local community providing help, information and support to the voluntary and community sector.

Based in the Volunteer Centre in Granville Avenue, Long Eaton, this local CVS (community and voluntary service) provides a range of services including representing the sector in key local meetings, encouraging networking between groups and individuals, and supporting local groups to deliver their responsive services.

Forums and activities that Erewash Voluntary Action are involved in include Erewash Development Workers Network, Erewash Voluntary Sector Forum and Erewash Volunteer Organisers Forum as well as groups such as Men's Sheds and the Tea Dance.

For more information about the role played by Erewash Voluntary Action and its many services, please visit their website.

Wellbeing Erewash is a new approach to improving health and wellbeing. It involves the people of Erewash, the local NHS, social care and the voluntary sector. The aim is to encourage thriving communities within Erewash, where people feel confident and supported to choose a healthier lifestyle, stay well, and know how to get help and support when needed.

As a NHS England 'vanguard' site, we are looking to examine what is working well and then share insights and best practice with our colleagues nationwide. We have produced a handy infographic to show how we are making a difference to local services and communities.

pdfWellbeing Erewash - making a difference

You can find out all about the latest developments of Wellbeing Erewash in our May 2017 newsletter. This issue contains stories on the enhanced community service, on day service, Erewash Time Swap and Brilliant Erewash, among others.

pdfMay 2017 newsletter

Coinciding with the second anniversary of NHS England’s national vanguards, is the second anniversary of Erewash Time Swap, one of the projects that make up the Wellbeing Erewash vanguard. In April 2015 the first member signed up for Erewash Time Swap and now two years later, it has attracted nearly 100 members who between themselves have carried out 72 swaps of time and skills.

An innovative ‘on day service’ for patients contacting their GP practice that was launched in Long Eaton has now been expanded to cover several practices in Ilkeston.

In Long Eaton some patients who have called their GP for an appointment that day have been directed to the on day service where they see a GP or an advanced nurse practitioner as appropriate. This has increased same day access for patients and helped free up GP time to see patients with a long term condition or ongoing need.

Erewash Voluntary Action are looking to appoint a development worker to develop the concept of Community Connectors.

The one year funded project will help to develop community connectors who will be able to share local information to enable people to know more about activities that are available to them in Erewash. Community Connectors could be local individuals, volunteers within groups or professionals working in the area. The successful candidate will build support networks and help to make information more accessible to local residents.

Wellbeing Erewash is working with NHS England to look at how we can develop Health as a Social Movement in Erewash. The aim is to look beyond a purely medical approach to health and to put prevention at the heart of what we do. But what does this really mean? Watch the video by clicking on the link to see Sara Bains from Wellbeing Erewash, and others, talk about what it means to them. Health as a Social Movement and what it means


Understanding Self Care for Life is the theme of this year’s Self Care Week, the annual event which aims to raise awareness of self care.

Self care means knowing how to keep fit and healthy, how to deal with medicines appropriately, manage self-treatable conditions and when to seek appropriate clinical help. If you have a long-term condition, self care is about understanding that condition and how to live with it.

It’s about looking after yourself in a healthy way. So, it can be anything from brushing your teeth, doing some exercise, eating well, managing common conditions (like headaches, colds and flu) or managing a long-term health problem, such as asthma or diabetes.

Wellbeing Erewash, a new partnership aiming to improve health and wellbeing in local communities, is supporting Derbyshire’s Time Swap scheme. Throughout June the Time Swap team will be out across the county encouraging local communities to help each other by sharing time and talents.

A pioneering new approach to health and social care is now underway in Erewash.

Backed by a £200m transformation fund, Erewash is one of 29 pilot areas which are bringing together hospitals, community services, GPs and care homes to move specialist care out of hospitals into the community.

Erewash is leading the way in transforming the quality of health and social care through a ‘game-changing’ Vanguard programme. Erewash has been chosen as one of the ‘vanguard’ Multi Specialty Community Providers (MCPs) to move towards a community system where people support themselves and take responsibility for their own care and have access to a community support service.

Patients in Ilkeston and the wider Erewash area are to benefit from extra investment in local health services after being chosen to pilot a new way of organising NHS care locally.

Erewash CCG’s partnership with community health providers and GPs has been recognised as one of only 29 Vanguard sites across the country to be exemplars of better care get to share in a £200 million Department of Health fund to help drive forward improvements in health and community care across the areas they serve. 

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